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Suffering With Hair Loss? Effective Hair Loss Treatment Birmingham For Men & Women

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Are you looking for affective Hair Loss Treatment Birmingham? Have you tired other treatments, Wasted huge amounts of money, and just not 100% satisfied? Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine in Birmingham and Solihull we specialise in hair loss treatment.

Dynamic Regenerative Medicine has built a popular reputation with the treatment of hair loss in Birmingham, and has gained this reputation from helping many patients and providing fantastic results in her loss. Our owner and clinical director Mr Adam Whatley has previously experimented with every treatment possible there is for hair loss and knows what works best, and wants to provide this treatment and advice to his patients patients.and wants to provide this treatment and advice to his patients. Some tried and tested treatments are listed below:



- MINOXIDIL (many different types)






And many more...

He reported that the majority of treatments were definitely and unfortunately failed temps for treating hair loss.

1) FUT poor outcomes and a bad scar!

2) Finasteride no success and negative side-effects.

3) Hair system (glued wig) to which was the worse decision made. He had the hair system for 18 months and to his regret reported it from valued experience to be a terrible decision for many reasons.

Further down the line Mr Adam Whatley decided to try and rescue his hair and adapt for further treatment listed below. At the same time as investing an additional £10,000.

Mr Adam Whatley now reports and wants to educate everyone on what has worked and what is most successful treatment for hair loss.

PRP being No. 1, followed up by FUE only if you are not a good candidate for PRP treatment. So on this note DO NOT delay, and act sooner rather than later. Mr Adam Whatley wants nobody to have to go through the huge ordeal he has had to go through and believes everyone deserved the best and the best is a full natural head of head - which makes people feel great and boosts peoples confidence. In addition just effectiveness long term.

Adam Whatley believes in quality and affordability - and provides this with his hair loss clinic in Birmingham Dynamic Regenerative Medicine. Furthermore, Mr Adam Whatley went through his 5th transplant in 02/2019, whereby the donor area was reduced to the extent where some beard was taken (see below).

Why not get in touch to arrange a FREE consultation here at our hair loss clinic in Birmingham. All treatments are provided by experienced hair loss specialists and medical doctors.

Here at our hair loss clinic in Birmingham we are offering and providing state-of-the-art hair loss treatment in platelet rich plasma (PRP) to assist and help you with your hair loss and first of all, to promote hair regrowth. It is our aim here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine to give you the best quality of hair loss treatment to aid your confidence and get you to where you want to be.


Don’t let hair loss get you down and reduce your confidence. We are a specialised clinic offering regenerative therapeutic injections in Birmingham and Stratford Upon Avon. Schedule a consultation at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine today, and let us help you with your hair loss battle. We have clinics operating out of Henley-In-Arden, Birmingham & Bromsgrove.

Call us today 01564 330773

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