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PRP Injection Treatment Birmingham & Solihull

PRP Injection Treatment Birmingham & Solihull

PRP Injection Treatment Birmingham & Solihull

Musculoskeletal pain and injury is a very common problem with many individuals struggling with acute and chronic issues relating to pain and injury. In the majority of cases normal conservative treatment is more than enough to tackle the vast majority of pain and injuries, but unfortunately in some cases chronic issues need further guidance, which can be done with simple injection therapy which can provide pain relief and improved function.

PRP injections are common form off injection treatment for many musculoskeletal injuries that often provides long term improvements and pain relief, unlike cortisone which can only provide temporary relief in most cases. Some of the conditions treated by PRP injections are below:

Knee pain

– Shoulder pain

– Tennis elbow/golfers elbow

– Osteoarthritis

– Rheumatoid arthritis

– Chronic tendinitis

- Foot and ankle pain

And much more...

With waiting times for common pain treatments in the NHS growing longer, we understand that getting in for the appropriate long-term treatment can be difficult and a lengthy process. This is simply due to increase demand on the NHS and further priorities. Here, at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine, we are offering PRP injections following on from assessment in a short space of time. PRP treatment is a very simple and straightforward treatment that does not require any downtime in the majority of cases. it is widely popular due to its affective efficiency in promoting healing and restoring full recovery.

We understand how important it is to get conditions treated sooner rather than later to prevent long-term pain and disability. It is very important to adopt necessary corrective rehabilitation to allow for the best possible outcome, long-term. Further information on PRP injection treatment can be found here


Don’t let pain, joint damage, sports injuries or arthritis get in the way of allowing you to do what you want. Schedule a consultation at Dynamic Osteopaths & Regenerative Medicine today, and let us treat your injury, provide pain relief and get you back to your full and active lifestyle. We have clinics operating out of Solihull (Henley-In-Arden) and Birmingham (Edgbaston).

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