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Is your knee chronically swollen and in pain? Have you considered having joint aspiration?

Why might I need a joint aspiration?

Joint aspiration may be done for a number of reasons - to diagnose a condition, assist in the treatment or simpler to reduce pain and inflammation. If further testing needed to be done, the fluid can be analysed for the following conditions: Gout Various types of arthritis Joint infection Joint aspiration can be dry helpful to remove a large collection of fluid around a joint. Sometimes bursitis if the joint causes excessive fluid build up. Removing excessive fluid can decrease the pressure, relieve pain, and improve movement of the joint. Often patient will feel an instant relief from their pain. Sometimes, a medicine is injected following removal of the fluid to help treat tendonitis or bursitis, often an anti-inflammatory or platelet rich plasma.

Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine we offer treatments in Platelet Rich Plasma in Birmingham, Solihull and Bromsgrove. Get in touch to find out more.

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