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Incredible benefits of platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment. Dynamic Regenerative Medicine

Have you come across PRP treatment yet? If you have chronic pain, arthritis or injuries, then this treatment might be of particular interest to you.

PRP treatments are commonly used for wound and soft tissue healing. PRP treatments work by providing injured tissues with natural proteins, cytokines, stem cells and other bioactive growth factors which our body uses naturally for repair. In the early 2000s, the use of PRP, expanded into orthopedic treatments — including those aimed at reducing joint degeneration, damaged soft tissue and chronic pain. This incredible treatment is now even being used to naturally treat hair loss and for skin rejuvenation. From my experience, PRP treatment is one of the most cutting-edge and beneficial treatments available and better stil it’s completely natural with no side effects.

Who can benefit from PRP treatment? - People suffering with arthritis or osteoarthritis, especially those with degenerative knee cartilage.

- Ligament damage or ligament sprains

- Tendonitis or tendon injuries (eg tennis elbow)

- Shoulder rotator cuff tear

- It is even used in bulging or herniated disc Injuries

Find out more on how this treatment can help:

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