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Stem Cells Versus PRP Injections

Stem Cells Versus PRP Injections

Stem cell injections are more important in areas of low oxygen tension. The reason for this is that the bone marrow is an area of low oxygen tension. A severely arthritic joint or disc is also an area of low oxygen tension. Furthermore, areas of low oxygen tension also have limited blood supplies. Stem cells seem to thrive in these areas. However, stem cells need the growth factors from the PRP in order to do their work. Further more PRP treatment is far more the popular choice of treatment due to it being easy to perform and non-invasive, whilst stem cell treatment is far more invasive and very expensive.

A more difficult question is when to use bone marrow derived stem cells (BMAC) versus fat derived stem cells (SVF). Each has its purpose. BMAC contains many different growth factors, many of which are still not discovered. BMAC does appear to contain a very important growth factor called IGF-1, while SVF does not, hence it is especially important to use hGH with SVF. BMAC probably has the same number of total stem cells but SVF contains many more mesenchymal stem cells, which are very important stem cells in tissue regeneration. If possible, try to use both SVF and BMAC. If cost truly is a factor then consider using SFV due to the lower cost involved and the number of mesenchymal stem cells produced. I should say that that this is a hunch on my part and I am not able to back it up with hard evidence.

Right now in the stem cell world there are two schools of thought as to whether BMAC or SVF is better for regenerative purposes. Speaking from the a review of clinical results, the results with SVF, a fat graft, and PRP seem to rival the results with BMAC, PRP, and fat graft. SVF seems to work faster, possibly secondary to the greater number of injected mesenchymal stem cells with the SVF.

Some results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks, but you can expect a rollercoaster effect. Some patients report that pain can leave as if a light switch were turned off. The results in the clinic exceed 85 % excellent results after performing thousands of cases for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

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